User Satisfaction Survey about the use of Library

Please help us to improve library services by taking a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.
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    Library staff treat me fairly and without discrimination.
    Library staff are professional in their dealings with me.
    Library staff are friendly and helpful.
    Library staff provide quality service.
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    Opening hours are adequate.
    Study space in the library is adequate.
    I am able to access computer workstations in the library.
    Computer facilities and electronic equipment are accessible.
    Facility in the use of the library catalogue.
    Borrowing conditions.
    Photocopying facilities are adequate.
    Library is clean and lively.
    Library signs and announcements in the library are clear.
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    Resources are easy to find.
    Resources are appropriate for my courses needs.
    Resources are up to date and relevant.
    Resources cover my subject area.
    New resources are added regularly.
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    Library services meet my needs.
    Circulation service is convenient and timely.
    Internet services is easy available.
    The library web site is always up-to-date.
    Do you use the catalogue via the internet from home.
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