Pop Up Process
For two weeks in April, ten GD students will make the AB Lobby Gallery their temporary studio space.

What is it about?
Covering the walls, collaboration with friends, creating window displays, leading workshops, doing homework, having fun, self initiated projects (hopefully some zines), and lots of instagram stories!!!

April 1st — May 1st

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Pop Up Process is what the participants make it!
You are pretty free to do what you want in this space, but we do hope some community engagement happens
Here are a couple ways you could engage the community!

Collage Club
Make a Zine
Photography project
Create some sort of Archive!!!??!?!? (this is a sick idea) Leaf archive, Faculty Archive, Advice Archive, Friend Archive.
Something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zSRkr1nQNw
Window Display
Wall art
Collaborative Project
Printmaking equipment
Bring in a Risograph
Live Music?
Beyonce Trivia night
Cookie tasting event
Shirley Temples & Draw (like "drink and draw" but with shirley temples? lol)
Work Documentation Party — Photography (for Sophmore portfolio)
photoshop mockup class (for Sophmore portfolio students)
weekly homework group, paint a mural (maybe not in the gallery!)
Movie screenings

book binding
foreign language classes
rhino — Or other 3d stuff
motion graphic
sleep hygiene
music lessons
how to clean off your desktop class

What sort of things would you do in this space? (no right answers here :•] )
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Will you have time next term for Pop Up Process?
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Final Thoughts? Say something about yourself? Did we overlook anything?
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