V18 Marketing Form
Welcome to the VAULT Festival Marketing Form. We'll use the information you enter here as the basis for everything - digital listings, box office, print programme, any press releases, and so on, so please make sure you're happy with it before you submit. Of course, if something changes from your side that needs to be reflected here, we'll do our very best to make changes: but we can't guarantee anything, so please do double-check before submitting.

The deadline is 30th October. Anything submitted after that date may not be included in our launch publicity.

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Marketing Contact Name *
This can be, but doesn't have to be, a different person to your main administrative contact. They'll get the emails about image sizes, copy changes, templates, social media, etc. So if you have a team member dedicated to this, let us know here.
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Web & Social Media
We've got the opportunity to create a big network of conversations around VAULT Festival and all its participants - join us by putting your handles below. It's important to remember that there's no point being on a network if you're not going to actively engage with it, so these are optional: only put the ones you actually use!
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Show Details
This section is for all the copy related to your production.
Prominent Credit *
Your production will be listed as "Show Title by Prominent Credit". So this should be the Company Name, Artist Name, or Writer Name etc depending on the kind of show you have. If your show title is your name, you can leave this blank.
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10 Word Description *
A pithy sentence to grab the eye which can stand alone without any supporting copy. Should try to capture the essence of your show: style of performance, subject, tone.
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30 Word Description *
This will probably be the basis for your print-programme entry and should stand alone. Should try to capture the essence of your show: style of performance, subject, tone. By all means include short reviews/quotes/stars
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Long Description (Fewer than 300 Words Recommended)
This'll be the copy for the main listing on the VAULT Festival website. Try to keep the opening as clear as possible: a quick, engaging description of what audiences will get when they sit down at your show will be a lot more effective than an erudite examination of themes and sources. Though you can include that as well if you want!
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About The Company/Artist *
If you want to include a section on who you are / previous work, this is the place to do it.
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Press / Review Quotes
If you have them, share them!
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Cast & Creative Credits
If you know them at this stage.
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Images & Video
We'd like the following things for your listing:

Main Show Image - Landscape for Digital (1920px Wide x 1080px Tall)
This should be a clean image (no text, logos or titles), ideally a photograph. The text and information will be added around this on the website.

(Optional) Show Poster Image - Landscape or Portrait for Digital (1920px wide or tall)
This can be your full poster design, complete with any titles - however you'd like to represent the show.

Up to 7 Supporting Images for Digital (1920px x 1080px)

Up to 7 Supporting Images for Press & Print (High Res, 300dpi+)

Please be aware that anything submitted may be supplied to journalists and publications if they request it. Publications print photos, not show posters: so if you'd like the best possible chance of being featured in any press, please supply us with high quality, print-size photographs of your production or company.

Any Company or Sponsor Logos you'd like displayed.

Please ensure the images you send for digital use are properly compressed: no more than 2mb per image.
We'd like you to upload images directly to us according to the following filename structure:

Show Title - Main Image.jpg
Show Title - Poster Image.jpg
Show Title - Supporting Image 01.jpg
Show Title - Print Supporting Image 01.jpg
Show Title - Company Logo.jpg
Show Title - Sponsor Logo.jpg

The format is either PNG or JPG.

Feel free to zip them up if that's easier.

PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR FILES HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/request/fYis5S9b905WN81vyBgw

Video URL
If you have a video/trailer, let us know the YouTube/Vimeo/Equivalent URL here so we can embed it in your listing.
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Additional Box Office Setup
Special Offers
Sometimes we put packages together with Media Partners & Ticket Providers to increase our reach to audiences. These usually involve some sort of combination ticket: a show, a meal and a drink, or two shows in one night, etc. Taking part in these can be a great way to find new audiences, but there is a cost: usually the partner takes a commission %, and the ticket may be discounted to make the offer more attractive. These packages are entirely optional and we'll discuss details with you as-and-when they occur - but please indicate below if you'd like to be considered for such an offer.
PR Questionnaire
The questions below serve two purposes. Firstly it gives our PR team a chance to identify your show according to what possible features and articles it might be appropriate for. Secondly, we hope it gives you and/or your PR team a useful template for thinking about what might make your show unique and pressworthy.
What's newsworthy about your show?
Does your production deal with salient topics or conversations? Do you or your company have a specific remit or background?
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Who is your audience?
Are they general audience members, or might specific groups be particularly interested in your production?
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Where are you based?
Are there local outlets / publications who might want to know about your production at VAULT?
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What's visually striking about your show?
Is there a moment / set / character which makes a big visual impact? Do you have a photo or video which does it justice?
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