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1. My work is marked regularly and teacher feedback directs me to make improvements in my work *
2. My teacher gives me regular opportunity to complete DIRT time, so I can respond to the marking they have given *
3. I enjoy my lessons in school and find them engaging *
4. Classrooms encourage me to learn. (wall displays/ Key vocabulary to support my learning) *
5. My teacher has regular routines and high expectations *
6. In lessons we have opportunities to work independently *
7. Home learning is set regularly *
8. My home learning is useful and helps me make progress *
9. I know my subject targets and next steps advice *
10. My lessons are challenging but I eventually achieve my objective *
11. I find the work quite easy and complete it quickly *
12. I am making good progress in my lessons *
13. I have lots of opportunity to take part in extra curricular activities and am encouraged to do so *
14. I have been asked to attend revision / intervention sessions (KS4/5 only) *
15. I have opportunities to develop my extended writing in lessons that require it *
16. If you could make one thing better about the subject you are being asked about, what would it be and why. *
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17. Do you attend the extra curricular clubs for the subject you are being asked about. If not, what additional club would you like to see added *
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18. For students in years 7 - 11 only. Would you like to study this subject here at South Wirral for A Level *
19. Would you recommend this subject to younger students in our school *
20. Do you have any positive feedback you would like to passed onto your subject teacher anonymously *
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