XAD Summer Series 2021 Registration Form
Please fill out your information to play! This form can be used for just one event or all of them. Multiple responses are allowed, you can submit one event at a time if needed.

You will need a new form for each handler, there is room for extra dogs on the form. Please send questions to Mike or Kris if you have any.

$25 per XA wave. Unlimited practice as time allows.
$30 for Hi-Jump
$30 for X-Treme Retrieve
$20 for Disc
$20 for K9X
$50 Family Racing Licence/Membership
$35 Single Racing Licence/Membership
$10 XAD Puppy Contest (less than 1 yr of age)
$10 XAD Teen Tital All Around (participated in puppy contest last year)
*memberships required to participate in championship or Dockstar events, not required for individual events
*see Christina for details regarding puppy and teen series contests

Roseburg, OR        Aug 4th - Aug 7th                                    Round 1
Salem, OR              Aug 27th - Sep 6th                                  Round 2, 3, 4
Corvallis, OR          Sep 18th (Invite only, see below)          Pro Event
Yakima, WA           Sep 24th - Oct 3                                       Round 5, 6 & Championship

Abbreviation Key:
XA= X-Treme Air (pool, distance)  
XR= X-Treme Retrieve (pool, speed)  
HJ= High Jump (pool, height)  
K9X= Canine Cross (land, speed)  
XD= X-Treme Rapid Disc (land, frisbee)

Camping: may be available, depending on timeline and event location. Check with Mike first, then the corresponding fairgrounds or location to ask about accommodations at event locations.  
Contact Number: 541-914-8402 (Mike Allen)

Public health note: Please refrain from attending if you are ill. Practice smart personal hygiene. Gatherings may be limited, and masks may or may not be required, we reserve the right to close registration at any time.
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Dog 1 Name *
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Dog 3 Name (if needed)
Dog 4 Name (if needed)
Do you want to participate in XAD Puppy Contest (1 yr or less) and/or XAD Teen Titan "All Around" (last year's puppy contest participants) 2021?
Is your dog 10 years or older?If yes, check the corresponding box. You may qualify for a Master class!
#6 Yakima, WA: Central Washington Fair Week 2       9/27 - 10/3
Dog 1
Dog 2
Dog 3
Dog 4
3:00pm XA Tue 9/28
4:45pm XD Tue 9/28
1:00pm XA Wed 9/29
3:00pm XA Wed 9/29
4:45pm XD Wed 9/29
1:00pm XA Thu 9/30
3:00pm XA Thu 9/30
4:45pm XD Thu 9/30
1:00pm XA Fri 10/1
2:15pm XD Fri 10/1
3:15pm XA Fri 10/1
4:45pm K9X Fri 10/1
6pm Team Showdown 10/1
10am K9X Sat 10/2
11am XA Sat 10/2
12:15pm XR Sat 10/2
2pm XD Sat 10/2
4:30pm XA Sat 10/2
6pm HJ Sat 10/2
4pm Team Showdown Sun 10/3
6pm HJ Team Showdown Sun 10/3
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