Ames Public Library: PROGRAM PROPOSAL
Ames Public Library’s mission is to connect you to the world of ideas through diverse and inclusive resources and programs. We welcome program proposals via this form.

Program Guidelines and Procedures
Ames Public Library programs are free and open to the public. Your program proposal will be reviewed by the Library's programming committee. The committee evaluates proposals based on the following:
• Support of the library's mission
• Suitability of the library as the venue for your event
• Library staffing and building constraints
• Potential interest and benefit to the community
• Expertise and skill of the presenter
• Budgetary considerations
• Alignment with the Library's short- and long-term goals

The Library encourages and welcomes program proposals from individuals and community groups. When a community group, agency, or individual approaches the Library with a programming request, the Library will consider partnership based on the following criteria:
• The program fulfills the purpose of a Library program, as defined above
• The program supports the Library’s mission and strategic priorities
• The resources needed to accomplish the program are available and appropriate

For programs requiring publicity, planning should begin 2-4 months prior to the program.

Ames Public Library may provide the following types of publicity:
• Appearing on the Library's website and event calendar
• News releases and flyers
• Page One newsletter
• Social Media
All promotional materials must be approved by Ames Public Library.

Programs policy:
Meeting room policy:

Presentation of a program does not constitute the Library’s endorsement of the content or views expressed by participants. If your organization is interested in presenting a program, please visit

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