Mandarin w/ Arts & Crafts

Students will learn the basics of the Mandarin language with no prior experience necessary. The class is filled with lots of fun activities to keep children engaged such as learning how to write their own name in Chinese, coloring beautiful Chinese artworks, practicing the art of paper cutting, creating calligraphic masterpieces, and painting with real Chinese brushes and ink used since ancient times. In addition, Chinese legends and myths will spark students' imaginations and teach them important lessons about life, love, and happiness. Finally, campers will have a blast learning traditional dumpling-wrapping techniques and being able to eat their own delicious creations. Children will bring home pieces that will wow you with their beauty and authenticity, and the morals, lessons, and values taught through activities will stay with them for life.

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Voyager's main summer camp begins at 7:30am. Parents wanting to drop their kids off earlier may bring them to the ES school gym at 7:30am for a fee. Staff will ensure the students get to their camp by 9am.
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