At the Market for Women! Events Application & Agreement
2019 Events
Event Address: Red Roof Inn & Conference Center | 6815 W Kellogg Dr, Wichita, KS 67209
Contact us at (316) 708-4262 or
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Vendor Agreement
At the Market for Women! Events is committed to our vendors, volunteers, guests, and sponsors to offer the best network opportunities and event experiences that is possible. We ask that those involved with our events honor their commitments to the market and represent themselves and their companies professionally.

1) At the Market for Women! Events grants You, the Vendor, the right to sell, distribute, display, or provide, at the event site, only the items and/or services listed and described on the Vendor Application, nothing else.

2) Vendor shall pay At the Market for Women! Events the agreed upon amount for the use of the designated space, to be paid in full prior to the event. Refer to the Vendor Website page for details.

3) Set Up: Vendor agrees to be fully set up in his or her designated space before 9:30am. You have 30 minutes for set up. Vendors arriving after the event opens to the public will not be allowed to set up, NO EXCEPTIONS.

4) Break Down: Vendor agrees to wait to break down his/her booth until after the event closes OR after the last patron leaves. Vendor must remove everything they brought with them from the site and vacate the site within 30 minutes. This is to allow the venue's crew ample time to clean up after the event. **Any vendor who breaks down before the event closes will not be admitted into future events as a vendor. This is for safety purposes!

5) Vendor shall keep their booth area clean and sanitary at all times. Vendor shall be responsible for removing any and all trash from his/her booth and disposing of it in the designated containers provided onsite. Please clean your site fully before leaving, and take everything with you. Do not leave anything on your tables. Turn in any left over event materials to the organizers.

6) Vendor is responsible for providing the following contents of his/her booth including, but not limited to: decorations, and fixtures needed to complete his/her booth, and display racks, etc. The venue will be providing tables, linens, and chairs.

7) Vendor is responsible for complying with all county fire & safety regulations. Ensure that all isles are clear and any trash is picked up so no one trips, slips, or falls.

8) Food trucks and food booths must meet health department requirements, operate out of a licensed kitchen and have city permits as needed.

9) Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold At the Market for Women! Events, its producers, sponsors, and volunteer staff harmless from any claims or causes of action arising out of, or in any way connected with, the activities of the Vendor, or sale by the Vendor to the attendees of its products and/or services at the event.

10) If in the judgment of At the Market for Women! Events, the operation of a booth or the quality of the merchandise or services does not meet the standards of the event, or if the vendor is in default of any other term of this agreement, At the Market for Women! Events may terminate this agreement in part or in its entirety at any time.

11) Vendor may terminate this agreement at any time prior to the event with the understanding that all fees paid to At the Market for Women! Events will be forfeited by Vendor. ***Vendor understands and agrees that they are 100% responsible for finding their own replacement.

12) Sales or Distribution of the following items are prohibited: alcohol, illegal substances, animals, and guns. Please do not bring any food or beverages to sell unless you are registered as a Food Vendor and are providing samples.

13) Vendor agrees to provide OUTSTANDING customer service to our guests during the event. All interaction with our guests and vendors must be done in the spirit of fun and celebration. Smile always and laugh often! If you have any issues with someone in attendance, please bring the issue to an event coordinator.

14) Vendor agrees to help advertise and market the event within their ability; sharing the event on your Facebook timeline as well as using the "invite" feature to send personal invites to 150-200 friends and family on our Facebook events pages. This will satisfy this obligation. All links needed to perform this function has been given to the vendor.

15)The organizers of this event are required to report to the State of Kansas all vendors who participate at each event.
If you are not registered with the State of Kansas as a business you will not be allowed to participate at our events.
If you are a MLM (multi-level) you are covered by your Company. If you are required to collect sales tax, please make sure that your EIN/Sales Tax Form is visible at your table. Sales tax Rate for Wichita: 7.5%

16) Prize drawings are a draw to the event! Every vendor is REQUIRED to participate in prize drawings! Refer to instructions on the vendor website page.

17) Vendor has read and agrees to all other information provided, will follow all guidelines, and will pay all fees as described on the vendor website page:

I have reviewed and read all materials provided to me and agree to follow all requirements, guidelines and instructions. *
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