.:Club Titanium:. DJ Application
Club Titanium is now hosting DJs, Hosts & Dancers!
We are family friendly drama free club. We are more than just another club we are a family!

We are looking for fun, friendly and respectful DJ, HOST'S & DANCERS to join our club

Please read the form in full!

What we need from you:
- A good understanding of the English language, as we are primarily an English speaking club.
- Be able to teleport friends/group members
- Be interactive with the audience
- Know how to and when you should make the decision to eject people from the club sadly not everyone is out to have fun but if in doubt as to whether you should or not. ask an owner or another member of management. (Most of the time you will not be asked to deal with this it will be the manager on duty who will deal with this so you can DJ to your best!)
- Your own Stream as we cannot provide you with one..however we can point you in the right direction to getting one
- To respect ALL persons that enter the club
- Take at least 1 perm 2 hour slot per week.
- No Nudity or weapons are allowed at the club.
- Seek out a member of staff/owner if issues were to arise
- When in doubt NEVER be afraid to ask an owner/member of staff about ANYTHING no question is too big or small
- MOST of all to enjoy yourself!

What we offer:
- We offer you 100% of your tips.
- Training can be provided for hosts
- A safe, non discriminatory, fun place to work.
Application Form - Please fill in with as much detail as possible.
Please provide your full Second life name (legacy not display name) : *
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Your DJ name if you have one:
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Your Avatar Date of birth (Please note accounts should be at least 30 days old) *
Do you speak any other languages apart from English? (If so which?)
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Which timezone do you live in? (this just helps us should we need cover shifts etc SLT +8 for example would be fine): *
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How long have your been a DJ in Second life? (Please note if you have not had any experience please be honest and we will try and arrange to help you out) *
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What kind of experience of DJing have you had? (This can be either in or outside of SL) *
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What style/genres do you play? *
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Do you use mic? (please note mic use is not required as long as you are able to interact via chat)
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Which days / times (Using SL times) are you available?
10-12 noon
Do you have a personal host? If so please give their details *
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Please tell us a bit about yourself *
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What happens next?
Firstly thank you for your interest in joining our team!

One of our team will arrange to meet with you for an informal chat.
If the chat goes well we will arrange a set for you. During the set we will be looking at how you interact with the audience and your DJing skills. Following the set we will discuss a permanent set for you.

Once you have taken a permanent set you will be asked to check in via staff group chat 30 minutes before your set. We will also send you all our staff social media and contact groups for outside of SL should you need to contact us and be unable to come in world.
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