Friendswood Friends Church Reopening Survey
Greetings Friends!

The Reopening Task Force has been diligently reviewing research about how to reopen our church buildings and is seeking feedback from you as part of their data gathering process and discernment. The reopening of our church buildings will require significant changes in our protocols in order to keep you safe, so your feedback on some of the possible changes will be helpful! PLEASE RETURN ONE SURVEY PER HOUSEHOLD. Thanks for your help!
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I would be willing to join a group of less than 15 at someone’s home to watch the worship video together and have discussion and prayer afterward if... *
I would be willing to join a group of less than 15 at someone’s home to share concerns, read scripture and pray together if... *
I might be willing to lead such a gathering at my home *
I would be willing to send my child to a Kids Activity or Youth Group Meeting if...
I would be willing to come to a meeting, bible study or worship group of less than 25 at the church if... *
Even if our online worship continues to be available on Youtube, I would be willing to come to worship at the church with up to 180 people in the room if... *
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