SLECoP STEM at Home - Webinar Ideas
The list of things we have to worry about this week is huge - from securing supplies to wondering about the spread of COVID-19. And now, children are home from school and in need of care and ways to keep their minds engaged.

The SLECoP is organizing a series of webinars for parents, educators, school administrators and anyone who have students in their care. These webinars are intended to help them with practical tips they can employ for how to keep their children engaged and learning with STEM at Home.

Do you have ideas for simple STEM at Home activities pitched for any age children that you'd like to share through a virtual webinar? We will organize the webinar and work with you on best practices for such delivery.


Please submit a description of your idea, the required materials, the targeted ages and the goals of the lesson here.

We will then get back in touch with you with additional questions and a discussion about next steps.

Please know how much we appreciate your dedication and willingness to partner with us in these challenging times.

Thank you for your support and interest.
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