P.S. 105K Inquiries
Dear P.S. 105K Caller,
Please submit your questions or inquiry regarding your call. A 105 staff member will get back to you via email or a phone call.
***To ensure a response, please double check your phone number and email address before submitting.

***For updates: please visit our school website (ps105k.org) or NYC Department of Education Website (www.schools.nyc.gov) regularly.

***To contact the school, you can also email: info@k105.org

***For Parent Account (NYCSA/mystudent.nyc) creation code: please email: yzhao2@schools.nyc.gov and type in subject "Parent account creation code".
On the email, please include the following so we can verify that you are the parent/guardian on the DOE system before providing you the account creation code:
-student name
-date of birth
-student ID (OSIS) number
-parent/guardian name
-phone number

Thank you,
P.S. 105K



*** 请检查清楚你的电话号码和电子邮箱的地址。



***对于获取创建家长帐户(NYCSA / mystudent.nyc)的代码:请发送电子邮件至:yzhao2@schools.nyc.gov,并在主题栏输入“家长帐户创建代码”。发送内容包括以下资料:
(根据教育局总监条例A-820 - 为了安全保密学生的资料,学校必须在核对资料后,才会电邮你帐户的创建代码)

• 孩子姓名
• 孩子生日
• 孩子学生证号码(OSIS):
• 家长/监护人姓名
• 联系电话


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