Log Your PTA Volunteer Hours!
Thank you Lafayette Elementary volunteers!
You help make Lafayette the special place that it has become! As a part of the PTA’s charge, our bylaws require that the board track all of our PTA volunteer hours.

Who Should be Reporting Their Volunteer Hours?
Everyone that helps the PTA. That includes you, grandparents, spouses etc.

What Qualifies as Volunteering?
Volunteering for Lafayette Elementary can be done on-site, from your home, from your work (i.e.data entry), before school, after school, during morning drop-off, at PTA Meetings, when you help out in the classrooms or over the summer. We’ve made it easy for you to log your hours by creating five volunteer categories:

1. Meeting Time
(Examples: PTA Meeting, Room Parent Meeting, Committee Meeting)

2. Preparation Time
(Examples: Helped set up Art in Action, helped Autumn Carnival Committee organize volunteers, helped set up for the Community Giving Event in December)

3. Events
(Examples: Autumn Carnival, Halloween, Fun Run, Sing-a-Long)

4. Writing / Administrative / Creative
(Examples: Yearbook committee, Coordinate Field Trips in the classroom, Coordinate Reflections Contest)

5. Attending
Examples: PTA Meeting, Town Hall Meeting)

Why Track the Hours?
As a PTA we need to capture and report ALL volunteer time. These hours are very important to keep Lafayette's PTA status as a non-profit organization. Our non-profit status allows our PTA to raise money that funds all kinds of great Lafayette resources such as: Ms. Tong, Outdoor Education Teacher, fund class field trips, and provide teacher stipends and lots more!

How Do I Track My Time?
Easy....Enter your name and your child’s room #. Go to the month you volunteered and enter your volunteer hours.

Hit SUBMIT (bottom of the page) and you’re done.

What If I Missed Reporting Last Month’s Hours?
No problem! The system tracks all school year long (vs closing out each month). Log any month at any time.

Please Log Your Hours Below
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