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Please Join us for a Special IUSD Event with partner The Bridging Principles, Europe!

What are The Bridging Principles?
The Bridging Principles™ are a set of cross-cultural strategies to build bridges for successful business development and communications between individuals, businesses, corporations, and government agencies in any cultural context. The Bridging Principles™ training helps to build opportunities for cooperation, mutual acceptance, and respect by offering people a simple, concrete process for successfully navigating through unpredictable complexities in any given situation. The Bridging Principles™ shift the focus from the impossible task of knowing in advance the history and protocols of every culture, to providing one with a process that can be used to build bridges for effective communication in any context, anywhere in the world.

This one-day seminar will build on the “hard skills” of urban and planning, design and management taught in the IUSD Master’s program, by adding essential complementary soft skills. After the training is complete, participants will be able to apply these essential skills into a professional opportunity in their home country, an international development agency role, or the German job market.

Invitation to attend!

The Bridging Principles™ seminar is open to all alumni wishing to attend! Registration is now open and all participants must RSVP to confirm their slot. The seminar participation fee is €20 per registrant. Payment will be accepted as cash at the door at the day of the event. All participants will receive an official certificate upon completion of the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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