Request to Review the Mass Box:
Are you involved in a parent's group, children's group for ages 4-8, host a show, blog, magazine, etc... and want to review the Mass Box or share it with your community? We'd love to work with you! We send out review boxes and materials as they are available! You will be e-mailed a tracking number for USPS when your box ships!

We ask that you only request a review box if it is for sharing with a group or published review and please send us feedback!
Review the Mass Box!
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Type of review box requested (we normally send out a one child box, but we will do our best to honor requests for other sizes - aka, if you are a blogger and have 3 children in the ages 4-8, please request 3 child box so you can get the full family experience): *
We'll also send materials that can go home to parents with custom coupon code for a discount! Feel free to give them to all the parents in your group, religious ed, others you know who would be interested. How many copies do you need? *
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I will, if I feel the Mass Box is worth sharing, share the box with my group and/or publish a review online! I will send an e-mail to with a link to the review or a 1-3 sentence review from my group OR feedback of why I chose not to share the box so it can be improved. We love to share reviews when appropriate - if you are comfortable sending any photos or videos we can share, we also appreciate it! *
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