Registration Form for One Day RAD@home Astronomy Workshop (ODRAW) at Nehru Planetarium, NMML, New Delhi on 19th July 2019 #RADatNehruPlanetariumDelhi
This Registration Form for ODRAW workshop on Friday 19th July 2019 at Nehru Planetarium, NMML, New Delhi is only for application procedure. This is part of the programme Summer Student Residency @Planetarium (SSRP) or Astronomy Boot Camp (ABC) at the planetarium. Selection for non-SSRP applicants will be declared in Facebook or message will be directly communicated to the selected applicants by e-mail. Please fill your details honestly. DEADLINE for form submission: 15th July 2019. Check updates at
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Do you agree that if you plan to follow up your #RGBviaRADnNASA analyses of possible new objects found under #DilSeDiscovery task, beyond this ODRAW, you will have to join the our facebook group on the same day and after selection you have to accept T&C of the Collaboratory to continue working as an i-astronomer from home? If you click NO, you express no plan to continue further and dedicate your analyses to the Collaboratory. You can find the T&C here *
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