The Top 30 Charity CEOs on Social Media Awards

Nominate one person per form in categories 1- 6 and then complete the full details in Section 3. You can complete the form again if you want to nominate more than one person.

Complete the form below by midnight on 29 September 2017.

Each nomination will be reviewed by the judges.

Remember, it's *not a vote*. Each person only needs to be nominated once to be considered by the judges. So please don't ask your colleagues to all nominate the same person, as it won't make any difference!

There are 6 categories, across 3 sections:

1. Social CEO (ie the top 30, from which we also pick a winner of winners)
2. Trustee on social media
3. Leader on social media
4. Rising star on social media
5. Digital CEO
6. Digital leader (trustee, director or head of)

Please nominate in just one category. If you want to nominate more than one person, come back to the form when you're finished and complete it again.

For the social media awards (categories 1-4 above) we're looking for people who have a great social media presence.

In the new digital awards (categories 5-6 above) we'd love to have nominations from charity leaders who are blazing a trail in an any area of digital. For example: they could have led a digital transformation project, or helped their organisation increase its digital fundraising, or been a trustee who helped champion digital, getting the rest of their board and the charity to use it more effectively. They'll have had a clear vision for how their charity could progress in digital and led the way to make it happen. We'd like you to provide some concise information (see section 4 below) to show how they have made a difference. Ideally nominees in the digital categories will have good social media presences as well, but it's not as essential as for the social media categories.

Choose the right category for each person using the descriptions below.

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