2021 IPP Morning Program Counselor Application
We are looking for enthusiastic, engaged counselors who enjoy working with children outdoors. Counselor hours are 8:45am-12:15pm most days, with some exceptions. Applications are still being accepted, but some weeks are already full. Please indicate all weeks you are available, and in the last notes you can tell me which weeks you would prefer.
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IMPORTANT: It is difficult to save an incomplete application, so make sure you have what you need to complete this application in one sitting--give yourself a half-hour or so. You may compose longer answers in another program and copy/paste the text here if you like. Scroll down to preview the questions now, and if you have any questions for the Director, email Bonnie Benkard at morningprogram@islandpeoplesproject.com. Please note that you must complete this application even if you have worked as a counselor or CIT before.
Age requirements:
You must be at least 15 years old by July 5, 2021 to be a paid counselor in the Morning Program. If you will be 14 years old by that date you may apply to be a volunteer Counselor-In-Training. CITs earn community service hours for time in the program. If a CIT works for at least 2 weeks, and is hired in future summers he/she will be paid at that time the same wage as any counselor with a year of experience.
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Which weeks are you available to work in the morning program? Please check all weeks that you can work--You may not be hired for all of those weeks, however. You must be available to work for at least two full weeks. All counselors must begin on a Monday. *
What experience do you have working with children? *
Why do you want to be a IPP Morning Program Counselor? How will you benefit from the experience? *
Do you have any interests or skills you can share with IPP Morning Program children or counselors? (We love to try new things and put a new spin on old favorites!) *
Scenario 1 : Two 6-year-old boys start throwing gravel at each other during snack time. What would you do? *
Scenario 2: Several 9-year-olds exclude another child from their game. What would you do? *
Scenario 3: You have ten minutes before your group's next scheduled activity. What could you do with 6 campers using only paper and pencils or no supplies at all? *
What are your favorite camp activities (from IPP, school, or any other camp)? Which did you love as a counselor or camper, and do you have any ideas for new themes or games to try?
What is/was your favorite board or card game? *
What size t-shirt do you wear (unisex) *
Special Area Counselors
There will be three Special Area Counselors hired to lead activities in Nature & Arts, Sports & Games and Music & Movement.
SA Counselors will be responsible for planning and leading engaging, developmentally-appropriate activities for children age 4-11. Activities should encourage cooperation, creativity and critical thinking and foster a sense of community and/or appreciation of Fishers Island resources whenever possible. SA Counselors may need to incorporate a camp-wide theme into activities for some weeks, and collaboration between SA Counselors is encouraged. Each SA Counselor must submit a plan of activities for each week for approval by the Director by Thursday of prior week.
SA Counselors may be compensated for limited planning time outside of program hours if needed. If you are interested in applying to be a Special Area Counselor, please complete this application and indicate your interest below. Applicants will be asked to submit a plan for a week of activities for their area. Specific application requirements and deadlines will be sent to you once your basic counselor application (this form) is received. If you have any questions, email Bonnie Benkard, Director, at morningprogram@islandpeoplesproject.com.
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