2024 Promly Student Volunteer/Ambassador Program Application
The Student Volunteer Ambassador Program is a leadership and volunteer opportunity for students who are dedicated to amplifying the Gen Z voice, advocating for change in better tech policy that affects Gen Z, and ultimately saving lives while representing Promly. 

It's no secret, there is a youth mental health crisis.  Promly is designed to be an “all in one” app for teens to find more meaningful connections and inspiration through our unique ecosystem that helps students find new peer connections based on interests, integrates real life opportunities, and gives young people easy access to multiple options for actually free, real-time, mental health help as needed through our own biofeedback tool built directly into the app to calm anxiety. 

What does a Student Ambassador do?
  • Get to know Promly through a short online training. 
  • Be Active on the Promly App posting and connecting to other kids
  • Raise awareness in schools, and get other kids 13-19 to download the app
  • Repost all @Promlyapp posts on Instagram and Tiktok
  • Contribute new ideas that may make the Promly platform the most effective in helping kids    
  • Meet with the Promly team to give feedback

  What are the benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador?
  • Earn 15 volunteer hours for Promly's 501c3 nonprofit
  • Gain leadership skills that will help build your resume, university and scholarship applications.
  • Once an ambassador, you may be able to become a published writer on the website or a student intern for Promly, who take on more responsibility and involvement in the organization. As an intern, you can earn letters of recommendations from any of our founding members.

Becoming a Student Ambassador: Qualifications
        - Must be a high school or college student
        - Active on social media accounts
        - Demonstrate strong communication skills
        -Be willing to talk about Promly to professionals, teachers and students
        - Exhibit leadership, initiative, dependability, discipline and enthusiasm
        - Are positive and open to learning new things

We look forward to seeing your application!
Love, the Promly Team

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