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Please fill out all the answers below and attach your cover letter/ resume at the bottom. After review, we will be in contact with you for a follow up interview.
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Make sure this is an email you check often as this is how we'll contact you for the follow up interview. Careful, if it's not correct, we won't be able to contact you.
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A smart phone is required to work with us. You must be comfortable using your phone for calling, texting, email and different apps that our company uses.
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Transportation *
It is a requirement that you are able to transport yourself to and from jobsites anywhere within the city limits and just outside of them. How will you be getting there?
Do you have a neat and professional appearance when showing up to work? *
Meaning proper hygiene, clean, wears appropriate work attire, and takes pride in appearance.
Are you a considerate smoker? *
Considerate smokers discard butts or ashes appropriately and smoke off the client's property or in the designated smoking area on commercial sites.
Do you own any painting equipment? If so, please list below. *
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Do you have experience using airless or gas powered sprayers? *
Punctuality *
Arriving on time shows respect for your co-workers, your job and the customer.
Work Conditions *
Are you okay with the physicality of working full days in the hot sun? Work can be outside and inside; job locations change frequently.
Proper ladder movement *
Do you have the strength and coordination to move and position (by yourself) a 24' aluminum extension ladder?
Are you afraid of heights (yes/no)? If answer is no, please provide an example of you conquering heights. *
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Sports *
Which competitive sports have you played? Intramural and pick up games are OK; casual play not included.
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What would you say your biggest weakness is? Please explain. *
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We are a company who cares, has high expectations of performance/quality, but has fun doing so. Please explain why you would be a good fit for this position. *
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