The MYSTAI Red Key February 2020 Application
This is a MASTER CLASS of spiritual witchcraft that brings the practices of Hekate's Witches into our modern life. It is deeply shamanic, focusing on rebirth and transformation through rituals and spellcraft, including soul retrieval and psychic witchcraft.

To learn more about the program:

Please follow the above link and then complete this application. Email me at once you've completed the application.

IMPORTANT: Add to your safe list in your email. And check your junk folder in case my response ends up in there.

You will receive a reply from me personally after I've reviewed your application.

If your application is successful, you'll be provided with instructions for joining the course.

What to do while you are waiting for your course to start: join our COVEN at

Enrollment is limited.

Duration: 13 lessons. Up to 18 months to complete

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1. What is your prior experience with spiritual witchcraft? Discuss your general views, your training, favorite books, etc. *
2. Describe your understanding of Hekate and your relationship with her. *
3. Are you prepared to make a one year commitment to this course and training? The content of this course may bring up personal issues from your past and will lead to a challenging rebirth process. These are natural parts of becoming a sovereign witch. If there are specific challenges you foresee, discussing them now can help you prepare for the work ahead. *
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