November 4th 2017
13:00 - 16:00 h

Skills of Tomorrow 01
Networks, Skenderpašina 1

About the workshop:

The digital domain increasingly challenges our “traditional” skills and familiar work processes, collaboration tools and methodologies. As a true multidisciplinary process - that involves such diverse professionals such as programmers, designers, business managers, creative directors and marketing people – development of digital products and services seeks new and agile approaches to managing team work and collaboration, individual performances, quality control, planning, testing and implementation. New job descriptions are being formalized every couple of months in order to meet the demand for a tech-savvy work environment and product and service market. This workshop will focus on all of these specifics, and showcase design-thinking approaches combined with Jovana Tokić’s rich experience in the field, whole also briefly touching on some of the fresh work and collaboration frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban or Holacracy.


Jovana Tokić (Product Owner at Autheos)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jovana Tokić was born in 1983 in Belgrade. She lives and works in Amsterdam, as Product Manager/Product Owner/Design Manager at Autheos company. She is involved in designing and developing software products and production processes related to the development of digital products and services.

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