Hop..Hop..Hop..or Drop..Drop..Drop
Spring and Easter go hand and hand at this time of year.. Most are Easter Egg hunting and growing pretty flowers.. but what about the other side of Spring and Easter.. So here is your twist for this Hunt.. Good Egg.. Bad Egg... You can choose what you are.. Good Egg - Bright, Colorful, Cute, Happy Go Lucky, Sunshine & Cookies type of Egg... Or..... Bad Egg - Dark, Evil, Dreary, Gothic type of Egg. Marketplace only stores may join in.

Sponsors - 250L Fee
Will be at the starting of the Hunt
Store Logos will be added to website
Store Logos will now be also added to Hunt Store area

1. First off Be Nice to each other, we are not here to judge, we are here to have fun
2. Everyone takes pride in the work they do.. So if you can't say anything nice.. Shh it
3. Follow the Deadlines
4. We understand RL happens, stay within contact with Lilyanna Mandrake or Managers below if I am not online
5. I understand this is a 1L hunt, but be creative and in theme of your Egg.
(If you have a question about your design, IM Lilyanna Mandrake, Open Communication is everything..)
6. Last but not Least.. HAVE FUN!

Management Staff (can contact me out of world)
Jr88 Fright
CharliKinkaide Resident
GabrellaNightAngel Resident

Hunt Begins - April 1st
Hunt Ends - April 30th
Applications Close - March 15th (I do take late entries on occasion, please IM me directly if your after the 15th)
Sponsor Fee Due - March 24th
Welcome Packs Sent by March 16th
Hunt Poster Out - As Soon As you get your Welcome pack
Hint/Pic - March 28th
Hint Prim Displayed - March 28th & Filled by March 30th at the lastest

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