Brand Identity Questionnaire & Logo Design Questionnaire
Please answer the questions as specific and as frankly as possible. It will help us to design a logo and build a brand identity that would distinguish from your competitors and highlight your strongest points.
We need to show the real value of your business! Please help us to highlight the strengths of your business!
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How can you describe your business using not more than 3 sentences? *
For example, at XXX, Inc we design & build websites and manage digital presence  for small and local businesses mostly located  NY, NJ and PA. We are full stuck digital marketing agency.  While managing digital presence we provide search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click  (PPC), online reputation managing, email marketing and social media management.  
Who are your clients? *
Clients are the guys who pay for your services (products) We need info to target your specific client: Age, sex, income, hobby, areas of living (working) - any info you have would help us to target the right people and find most engaging design pattern
Who are your consumers? *
Consumers are guys who use your services.  Sometimes guys who pay and ones who use your products and services are different. So, we need to balance to look appropriate for both :)
 Describe your services (products)? *
Who are your strongest competitors? Why? *
Cos and pros of each one would be perfect. Websites are preferable as well.
What are the areas you serve now? *
Please, be specific. If 80% of your clients are from Bergen County NJ, 10% are  from NYC and 10% are from Canada, please do not write "globe" or "nationwide". Please, let us know the details and be as specific as possible. It will help you leverage real results from your digital presence.
What logo design are you expecting? *
Please share your ideas with us! What do you expect to see? What colors? What style? What message does  your logo should represent if you have something in mind?
What logo type do you prefer? *
What logo style you prefer? *
What are the preferable corporate colors? *
What are the examples of the logo design you like? Why do you like them? *
What are the strongest points of your business? *
What are the weaknesses of your business? *
Would you like to add anything that can help us make your logo or brand identity more specific and unique? *
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