Human-Robot Interaction (276B), Wi 2020: Pre-Course Survey
Robots are entering our world - in homes, hospitals, roadways, schools, and workplaces. How do we make them functional, useful, and acceptable? This course will explore the core computational, engineering, and experimental challenges and techniques in human-robot interaction (HRI). Course topics include: perception of people, shared autonomy and control, coordination and collaboration, and experimental robotics. We will review seminal and recent papers in the field, and engage in team-based projects with physical, mobile robots.
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Pre-requisites *(please read carefully)*:
This class requires familiarity with programming and systems building. Students should be comfortable decomposing a complex problem, selecting suitable algorithms, and implementing them. Prior exposure to robotics and computer vision is helpful, but not required. Experience using unix-like operating systems is also a plus. Students should be comfortable reading and discussing scientific papers at the graduate level.
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