Soundcycle by Laura Brackney
To take part in this moving sound sculpture and join our ephemeral community of biking beauty-bringers, you will choose one of four purpose-built tracks that we will provide for download, arrange a mode of amplification (bluetooth speakers, boombox, etc.) and get yourself and your setup to State Parking Garage B (1511 San Jacinto Blvd) by 7 pm.

Participants will choose their track independently of one another so that we have a randomized distribution of sound throughout the group, just before setting out we will synchronize and start our tracks, creating a music bubble to inhabit as we weave around within the garage. The audio experience will be constantly fluctuating and different for each rider depending on their place in the crowd.

The more participants we have the more dynamic and powerful the experience will be so please bust out those bluetooth speakers, CD players and boomboxes. Please email for any questions

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