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Did someone say free lunch?? Join us for an inspiring break and gain new perspectives for a sustainable urban environment!
On the 14th of December Francesca Miazzo will join us during lunch. Designing and engineering cutting edge technology systems is what we're good at in Delft. But solutions need to be implemented. To do this succesfully, social engineering is important. Especially to create the sustainable urban environments we all want to live in.

Francesca will shed light on how we can foster a circular economy and contribute to cities of the future. As co-founder and director of the Cities Foundation and the WASTED project she has years of experience in engaging communities to collaborate on complex societal issues.

Join us on Friday the 14th of December from 12:30 - 13:30 at EWI lecture hall Pi. You can count on great stories and on top of that we will provide your lunch. Be there or..

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