Presentation Self-Assessment
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Assess Your Inner Self Connection
How comfortable are you speaking to groups? *
What word best describes your internal state with regard to public speaking? Choose up to 3 responses.
Which thought most correctly relates to your feelings about presenting?
Can you separate feelings from self-judgement? *
Assess Your Audience Connection *
Do you know...?
Do you know...?
How many people will be in your audience?
The gender, hierarchy, culture and other audience details?
How to sustain your audience’s attention from start to finish?
The skills to manage “know-it-alls” and negative questioners?
Who in the audience might ask you what?
The seating arrangement for the audience?
Do you know the room design for your presentation?
What to do when the audience gets chatty or ignores you?
How to connect with your audience non-verbally?
Assess Your Message Connection
Do you...?
Do you...?
Have a presentation preparation strategy?
Build your message around one key idea?
Know what you want your audience to do at the end of your presentation?
Start your presentation with a creative opening?
Tell stories, offer examples or case studies to demonstrate the message’s impact?
Comfortably deliver a 20-minute presentation without slides?
Have slides with more than six lines of text?
Tend to read your slides?
End strongly?
Know how to please both technical and emotional listeners?
Assess Your Physical Connection
Do you...?
Do you...?
Demonstrate strong presence?
Usually pace?
Have your hands in your pockets, behind your back, crossed, clenched or clasped?
Gesture comfortably without choreographing them?
Smile naturally and comfortably?
Project your voice to be easily heard?
Speak in a monotone or with limited intonation and inflection?
Know how to use pause to create interest and attention?
Have experience using different types of microphones ?
Scan the audience as a group?
Make eye contact to individuals in the audience?
Know how to get individuals to look at you?
Know how to use eye contact in an auditorium or very large group?
Know how to present in the round?
Know how to use a teleprompter effectively?
Know what you are doing while speaking?
4 Points of Connection develops your speaker confidence and message clarity. You engage audiences naturally with authentic presence and deliver a professional performance.
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