Startup-Corporate Deals Course
The Startup-Corporate Deals course will teach you:

-why large companies struggle to innovate

-what motivates decision-makers in large organizations

-how corporate innovators track and judge the startups in their pipeline

-how to identify and work with key decision-makers

-the entire start to finish process of closing a deal with a large company, from initial contact to getting paid

-how to troubleshoot deals and pilots when things start going wrong

-the right way to setup your pilot project to set yourself up for success

There will also be a continuously updated resource of tools, templates, and interviews to use in your own sales process.

Anyone who enrolls in the course will also be given FREE lifetime access to the Startup-Corporate Deals community, which will be used for sharing tactics/strategy, making introductions, troubleshooting deals, and more. There will also be two live sessions per month with corporate innovators from the world's leading companies.

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