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As a member, you are welcomed to all of the events, services, and initiatives that No Trainin' Wheels Foundation offers. For non-free events, you will be able to secure tickets at member prices (50% Discount). We expect that you will respect others, the nature of the organization, and yourself as a member and representative of NTW. Those who do not follow guidelines and values of this organization will be relieved of their perks as a member, and face potential banishment from all events sponsored, presented, and/or hosted by No Trainin' Wheels Foundation. You may receive e-mails, text messages, social media notifications, etc. from this organization on occasion. These will serve as updates and invitations, and not to solicit in a harassing manner. This is a free membership, and no purchase is necessary to become a member. Participation in Community Day activities will be heavily encouraged, but not mandatory. No Trainin' Wheels Foundation has no intentions of participating in any litigation, unless totally necessary. We focus on mediation primarily. No Trainin' Wheels Foundation is not responsible for any deaths, illnesses, or incapacitation of any member. No Trainin' Wheels Foundation does not diagnose mental health illnesses, but focuses on mental wellbeing and overall women's wellness. In the case that your mental well-being becomes a concern, you will have the option to be referred to third party resources. Some events will be hosted by board members and occur on the premises in which they reside. You are to respect that space and abstain from publicizing home addresses, locations, and/or GPS coordinates without that person's knowledge and permission. If you agree to the terms above, please select, "I agree" below. *
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