4X-like Genre Perception Survey
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This anonymous survey is a companion to the eXplorminate article "Crossing the Rubicon: Defining the 4X-like Genre." The intent to is to allow 4X gamers to use the rubric to assess a broad range of 4X and 4X-like games and how well they align to "traditional 4X" style games.

Each completed survey will provide an assessment for one single game. You may take the survey multiple times should you wish, selecting a different game each time.

If you need additional detail or clarity on the rubric or its intent and application, please refer to the full article linked below:

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How familiar and/or experienced are you with the selected game?
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Rubric Questions for Selected Game
Criteria #1 : Exploration of unknown geography
Typically means: (a) geography in the game (the starmap, the landscape, etc.) is fully or partially obscured from the player at the start of the game; (b) geography is procedurally or randomly generated
Criteria #2 : Expansion through territorial control
Typically means: (a) settling a new and multiple cities or colonies; (b) staking claim to territory using markers, influence, culture, or other resources to secure exclusive control; (c) player empires grow in size over the course of the game
Criteria #3 : Technology advancement and internal development
Typically means: (a) there is a system for research and/or advancement that reflects the progress of the player’s empire and assets through technological means; (b) players have ways of upgrading their internal empire “engine” by building improvements that increase the effectiveness or outputs of controlled assets.
Criteria #4 : Management of a large-scale sovereign empire
Typically means: (a) players control or manage an entire sovereign territory / state / empire / culture / civilization; (b) includes management or consideration of the population and civil society; (c) cities/colonies are discrete, abstracted management units that are located on a broader-scale strategic map.
Criteria #5 : Slow paced gameplay
Typically means: (a) gameplay designed for a slower pace of play, using either turn-based, pausable real-time, or slow-time systems; (b) does not reward or require fast paced “twitch” gameplay where reaction time matters.
Criteria #6 : Competition towards victory conditions
Typically means: (a) players are competing against peer empires/players striving to achieve victory; (b) other players/agents are in competition with each other and using the same gameplay mechanics and systems; (c) more than one avenue for triggering a win, including both military AND non-military means of victory.
How many total criteria do you feel the game meets?
Each "FULLY MEETS" response above earns 1 point, each partially meet earns 1/2 point.
Do you feel this game should be part of the "4X-like" family of games?
What 4X-like sub-genre(s) do you feel BEST describes this game?
Are there other important elements to the game to consider?
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Additional Questions
If you take the survey multiple times for different games, please only answer the remaining questions below a single time.
How long have you been playing 4X and/or 4X-like games?
How important do you feel each of the six rubric criteria are to the definition of a "traditional 4x" game?
Not all important
Slightly important
Highly important
Critically important
#1: Exploration of unknown geography
#2 : Expansion through territorial control
#3 : Technology advancement and internal development
#4 : Management of a sovereign empire
#5 : Slow paced gameplay
#6 : Competition towards victory conditions
Any other thoughts to share?
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