MAXWORK Promotion Application Form for VIVAR Customers
Hi, this is MAXST.

We are running a special MAXWORK promotion for valued customers of VIVAR.
With MAXWORK, you can experience improved AR drawing and sticker, 1:3 remote support, PC screen sharing, availability in applications and PC, AR creation tool and AR viewer and so on.

If you fill out the form below and send it to us, we will register you as a member of MAXWORK website and issue a 3-month free trial voucher for MAXWORK (MAXWORK Trial-use up to 4 people).

šŸ“ You are going to receive an authentication request e-mail during process, but don't worry. It happens when we register you as a member of MAXWORK website on your behalf. We are going to send you a notification e-mail when everything is done.
From VIVAR, MAXWORK has been upgraded like this.
Last Name
First Name
Email ID (Must be same with VIVAR ID)
Name of Company
Country / Region
Automatic Email Setting Language (This is the setting language for all automatic e-mails related to the use of MAXWORK. You can choose between English and Korean.)
Company Type
Company Size
Contact Number
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