LHSC Job Application 2020
Please fill out the following job application to be considered for a position for the 2020 summer at the Lake Hiawatha Swim Club. Once your application is reviewed, you will be contacted by the manager regarding the next step in the application process. Please be sure to read the requirements listed on the website prior to filling out this application.
** Please note that this job requires you to work holidays**
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Are you or have you been a member of the LHSC prior to 2020? *
Will this be your primary summer job? *
Have you held a lifeguard position previously? *
If so, where? Who is your previous employer?
What is your experience? (If none, please write none) *
Do you work well with adults and children of all ages? *
Are you willing to be interactive with all of our members? *
Why should you be hired for the job you are inquiring about? *
Do you have any medical restrictions? If so, please explain. *
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