Emmanuel Christmas preparations 2018 - how can you help?
Please use this form to let us know when you're able to help - thank you so much!
[Some jobs/time-slots have been removed as they are now full]
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Carol Service preparations - jobs to include building choir staging; attaching candle holders to pew ends
Christmas Eve preparations - jobs to include heavy lifting, ladders, painting, set building, clearing-up etc
Meal Providers - providing snacks for the cast & crew on Christmas Eve
Stage hands and prop movers at all three Christmas Eve services - this is a fun way of being involved (you'd need to be available for all the times listed below)
De-rig and cleaning from the Christmas Eve services in time for the 11pm Communion Service - please sign up for 1 or more hour-slots
Take down star cloth, decorations, lantern stands & dismantle tree
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