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1. EBP Co. Ltd (from Mar 2008 to Jul 2011)
2. Abc Limited (from Aug 2011 to present)
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Passionate strategist who can break down cross-cultural communication barriers, having dealt with various difficult situations arising from culture gap, budget limit, and obscure market etc., I can create concrete visions with proper planning and calculation in a positive manner.

 Collection of tenders; preparation and negotiation of proposals
 Development and definition of operation for new projects (definition of customer's needs, proposal and design for the needs of client; development of budgets and plans; management of operational budgets and collaboration)
 Development of research methods and procedures; preparation of documents for research and project management in the phase of proposal
 Relationship with various subcontractors’ services including overseas
 Research through various information sources: books, articles, reports, surveys, interviews (in England, France, Myanmar, Thailand using three languages); synthesis of information on market, history, culture and politics
 Constitution of interview request letters and writing (governmental agencies, NGOs, experts, and companies); collaboration with overseas local offices and personnel
 Establishment of reports’ general design; constitution of final report/proposal (including summaries, analysis of surveys, graphic tables); 25 pages of report writing in one week

အောက်ဖော်ပြပါပုံစံအတိုင်း ရေးတဲ့သူများလည်း တွေ့ရပါသည်။ ထိုကဲ့သို့ ရေးသားပါက အင်တာဗျူးခေါ်ရန် အခက်အခဲရှိနိုင်ပါသည်။ အထက်ဖော်ပြပါ ဥပမာအတိုင်း မိမိ၏ အလုပ်အတွေ့အကြုံကို ရှင်းလင်းစွာ ရေးသားဖော်ပြပေးပါရန်။ (စာကြောင်း(sentence) ဖြင့်ရေးသား ဖော်ပြခြင်းထက် အချက်အလက်များကို ဖတ်ရလွယ်ကူ သည့် ပုံစံဖြင့်ရေးသားပေးစေလိုပါသည်။)

- "Android Programming" "Software Enigneer" "Junior programmer." - too short !

- "1. Worked part time job in Japan.
3. Junior accounting staff" - No one can understand what this person was doing!

- "'Marketing" - ? This doesn't mean anything.

- "Sale&marketing management training to employer " - So what were your characteristics?

- Religion, father's name, or anything related to your personal matters are NOT needed.

- "private tution teacher" - No one could imagine your workstyle!
Please do not write company names here. Otherwise your information will be revealed.
Education & Qualification? (Specify SCHOOL & COURSES)
-B.A. (Bachelor of Computer Science, UCSY,2004)
-Certificate in HR Management,Maarketing,Economics,8Steps of Sales Call & Merchandising,21st Century Supervisor,Leaderships Skill, RV Management Services,CHAT Business English,PC Repair &maintenance, Information Technology
-MS Word,Excel,Power Point,Publisher
-Auto CAD 2D&3D,3D Max
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