Kitten Angels Adoption Application
Thank you for considering an adoption with Kitten Angels. Please answer every question in completion in order to prevent a delay in processing. Allow up to 48 hours for a response by email. This application is neither a commitment nor automatic approval. We strive to make the best match for both the kitties and for you, it is important to us that we ensure the best homes and environments for our kitties. Add us to your email contacts to prevent our response from going to promotional or junk inbox. Contact us anytime with questions -

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If you were to relocate, what would happen to your pets? *
Rent, Student or Living with Someone
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Have you verified with the homeowner if you are allowed to have pets? *
Are there any restrictions to owning a pet?
If renting, what is the landlord's name?
Please provide the landlord's phone number and email address. They will be contacted.
Who is named on the lease?
If imposed a non-refundable security deposit with the landlord, will you comply?
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A vet expects payment at the time of service. Can you afford vet costs for an accident or illness? *
What is your limit on vet expenses?
About the Potential Kitty
What is the name of the kitty you are interested in adopting? *
If you know who is fostering the kitty, provide a name or pet store.
How did you find this kitty?
Who will be the primary caregiver for the kitty? *
Is there cat behavior that will not be acceptable to you? *
If you are still looking or if the kitty you are interested in is no longer available, check all of your preferences.
What type of personality are you looking for in a kitty?
Are you looking for a specific color, breed or hair length?
Your cat will be... *
Do you plan to declaw the kitty? *
Where will the kitty live? *
Where will the kitty sleep? *
How long will the kitty be home alone? *
What restrictions will your kitty have? *
Are you willing to be responsible for this kitty for up to 20 years? *
If you are no longer able to care for your pets anymore, what will happen to them? *
Would there be any circumstances that would force you to get rid of your pets? *
Will your kitty be allowed outside? If so, under what circumstances? *
Current Pets
Do you already have cats? *
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If yes, how many? What are their names and ages?
Do they get along with other cats?
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Have all of your cats been spayed or neutered?
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Have they been tested for FIV/FeLv?
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Are all of your cats up to date with vaccinations?
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Are any of them declawed?
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Do they go outside?
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Tell us about any restrictions your cat(s) may have.
Where did your cats come from?
Feel free to provide additional comments about your current cats.
Do you currently have dogs? *
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If yes or planning to, how many? What are their names and ages?
What breed of dog(s) do you currently have?
Elaborate on personality of dog(s) and why you think they will get along with a new cat(s).
Have they lived with a cat before?
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Where did your dog(s) come from?
Have all of them been spayed or neutered?
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Are vaccinations up to date?
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Do you have a dog door?
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Where do(es) the dog(s) stay during the day and night?
Tell us about any restrictions your dog(s) may have.
Tell us about any other pets you have.
Feel free to provide additional comments about your dogs or other pets you have.
Pet History
Is this your first pet? *
Tell us about pets you've had in the past
If you had a pet that is deceased, explain the circumstance.
Do you have a veterinarian *
If not yet, what is the name of the vet you will be taking the new kitty to?
Name of current veterinarian
Veterinarian's address
Veterinarian's phone number
Date of last visit?
How did you hear about Kitten Angels? If on the internet, which site?
Would you like to be added to our mailing list?
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Have you adopted a kitty from us before? If yes, when and what is the former name if it was changed?
Which circumstances do you believe justify giving up a pet?
Do you have any questions?
I certify that all of the above information is true and accurate. I understand that if I adopt a pet from Kitten Angels, this online form will become part of the adoption record. *
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