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The LTP Lightning Talks PitchFest is back!

Interested in being part of the Lightning Talks at LTP 2020 in September? Add your details below.

This year the rules of changed! We are trying something different. The Lightning Talks are still 5 minutes and still 20 slides but this year you get to decide when to move the slides on (no autorotate). This is your soapbox so get up and have your say. Is there an issue you feel strongly about, let's talk about the elephant in the room or the monkey on our backs. Have you got a humorous perspective to share. We want to know about it. Here's your chance!


1. Sign up on this form.

2. Create a 90 second video of yourself. Just talk to your idea. No slides... no complete preso... just get up and talk about your idea for the LTP Lightning Talk.

3. Email your video to the the LTP team ltp@brainmates.com.au by the 15th of June.

The judges & the audience will be voting at the Pitch Fest on the 25th of June 2020 & if you are selected, you'll be presenting in September. You'll get a speaker coach and everything - it's an amazing opportunity.

Remember your video must be submitted by 15 June 2020.

If you want to watch and be involved in the voting please do not fill in the form, just RSVP ‘yes’ to the Leading the Product Pitchfest at your local Product Talks meetup.

See you soon.

The Leading the Product Team

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