Event/project marketing in the Arts Division: Please provide essential details about your planned Arts Division project or event for 2018-19.
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Please submit details for your future event or project.
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(e.g. Film Series: "Alfred Hitchcock in the Bay Area" or "An Evening with Artist Judy Chicago")
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SAMPLE: "A devised dance-theater production with special guest artists from Vancouver, Canada."
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Provide a short, but comprehensive, description of the event or project (50-75 words). Include the what-why-who that the public will need to know. Include any special instructions for parking, registration, etc.
Max. 75 words. Please don't paste your press release here. (Please email your press release or other lengthy supporting documents to us at artsevents@ucsc.edu. Thank you!)
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Which Arts Division department or program is FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for this event or project? *
Other sponsors or supporters not within the Arts Division should be noted in your description (above).
For EACH performance or presentation associated with this particular event, provide a separate DAY+MONTH+DATE and TIME (see example below). For gallery exhibitions, please provide the RANGE of dates and include the gallery's open HOURS. *
(use format: Fri, Mar 4 at 7:30 PM; Sat Mar 5 at 3:00 PM; etc.)
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(For departmental/divisional events on the UC Santa Cruz campus.)
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Web page URL for your project or event that you'd like to share with the general public.
HINT: Does your website provide additional detail and resources to a visitor?
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Let us know if you'd like your guests to be able to order tickets.
Some FREE events are actually well served by offering guests guaranteed entry with a TICKET they can order in advance. This serves to guarantee a seat for the patron and is also useful for planning (catering, program quantities, etc.).

IMPORTANT: If your department would like to request ticketing services through the Arts Division and ucsctickets.com, UCSC's online ticketing service, please contact the Arts Events Office no later than 10 weeks in advance of your event. artsevents@ucsc.edu

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Send us your chosen image for promotional use.
EMAIL US AN IMAGE SUITABLE FOR PROMOTION: 1) Image must be free of copyright, or you must have permission to use it. 2) Please do not send a digital copy of your poster; the text will be tiny and unreadable. 3) A compelling, bold, quality image can convey so much about your event. 4) Please email to artsevents@ucsc.edu [Note: We can use a placeholder image until you provide your approved image.]
*Please DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR POSTER .* An effective image has LITTLE OR NO TEXT; image "reads" well when reduced to smaller views on calendar listings and such. Note: The ideal image for Arts web listing is 542 pixels wide x 360 pixels high. Some views appear substantially smaller than that. See how your listing will look at http://arts.ucsc.edu/events
Some events or projects may be eligible for additional marketing or graphic design + printing support from the Arts Division. To request graphic design + printing, please fill out the quick questionnaire at the link below.
You will most likely need to start this process 10-15 weeks before your event, depending on the complexity of the design and printing.
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