SURVEY (teachers) Erasmus+
Dear teachers, this Erasmus+ project is meant to bring us, as well as the students, closer together and share the European spirit. It is important to know how you perceived the work and the mobility itself. That is why we encourage you to give us feedback about this visit. Thanks in advance for filling out the survey
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Spanish meeting (Nov 2018)
PEOPLE IN NEED: Unit III "Making a difference in our local community"
BEFORE THE MEETING: We had all the information needed about the meeting in Spain (schedule, host families, email addresses...) *
BEFORE: Spanish team helped with all the previous things required (hotels, airport transport, students' connection) *
BEFORE: everyone (every country) did the tasks decided in the previous meeting (handcrafts) *
DURING MEETING: the Spanish team significantly contributed to achieve the meeting activities objectives *
DURING MEETING: the Spanish team significantly contributed to install a collaborative working environment/dynamics *
DURING MEETING: the opinions of all the partners were taken into consideration in the same way. *
DURING MEETING: the infrastructure provided was satisfactory (ICT, facilities, Internet connection, canteen...) *
DURING MEETING: the materials produced before and during the meeting are clear and useful for developing the expected project activities *
DURING MEETING: the project activities are useful to improve international cooperation among partner schools. *
For students, it was a really good experience to work in an international team speaking English. *
We should have had more time to work on this part of the unit III. *
The organized program (visit to Seville, lunch, dinner...) helped to establish individual contact between guests and hosts. *
There should be more organized program *
The individual program of the families helped the students to get good contact to each other *
The communication in English was not a problem at all for the teachers from the different countries. *
Because of this meeting I understand Spanish lifestyle much better *
The communication in English was not a problem at all for the students of my country. *
I am from *
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