Grandma's Marathon Running Club Experience Application

Grandma's Marathon is pleased to host another year of its Running Club Experience program for all running clubs registering 10 or more participants in the full marathon.

We ask that the primary contact, or captain, for the running club fill out the form below. This person will be sent all the information about the running club program and are responsible for their club's benefits, recruitment, and meeting program requirements.

Questions or concerns? Please email:

Released: 11.1.2019
Organization | Running Club Name *
Primary Contact's First & Last Name: *
Email address: *
Mailing Address *
This address will be used to mail Finish Line Bleacher Passes to be distributed by the primary contact of the club. Please provide your full address IE: 351 Canal Park Drive, Duluth, MN 55802
Phone number: *
What is the url of your running club? (Example: *
This link will be attached to your club's logo and posted to our website once the required minimum of 10 runners have registered.
How many runners in your club do you anticipate participating in program?
Terms & Conditions: 1) I will be the administer of the program within my club including managing the club's benefits, recruitment, and meeting program requirements. 2) Clubs must have a minimum of 10 club members registered for Grandma's Marathon by April 16, 2020 to receive benefits. 3) Race entry discounts do not apply with other discounts 4) Registering as a Running Club disqualifies you from using any official Charity Partner Program benefits. 5) Grandma's Marathon reserves the right to cap the number of participants in the program at any time. *
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