2019-2020 Student Council Application for Incoming Freshmen
In August 2019 the Southwest Career and Technical Academy (SWCTA) will be adding approximately 400 new students from across the valley. It is our goal at SWCTA to create a warm, welcoming environment that allows each student to feel at home. The Student Council program at SWCTA is integral in creating a positive school environment, facilitating excellent student activities and establishing traditions that will persevere through the years to come.

Student Council is more than planning fun events and making banners. At Southwest Career and Technical Academy, Student Council is a way of life. Student Council teaches its members valuable life skills that will be useful beyond high school. The Student Council class is an elective class on a student's schedule. The Student Council curriculum will be centered on service learning and the National Association of Student Councils (www.nasc.us) Certified Student Leader standards. SWCTA Student Council members will have the opportunity to be nationally recognized as NASC Certified Student Leaders, an honor that is recorded on a student's transcript for colleges and universities to see.

For freshmen, membership in Student Council will be by application only. To become a member of the organization, please complete the included application and attend an interview. Time is of the essence; applications are due FRIDAY MAY 3RD. Late applications will not be considered. Interviews will take place on Monday, May 13th and Tuesday, May 14th.

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Part 1: Student Information
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Part 2: Questions
Please answer the following questions. Please use complete sentences and be thorough in your response.
What leadership experiences have you had that would make you a qualified Student Council member? *
Describe a time when you felt like a leader. What were the circumstances? *
What is your definition of leadership? Explain. *
How does the definition you wrote above apply to you? Explain. *
Part 3: Print Signature Page
Please print the attached signature page and bring it with you to the interview. It must be signed by both you and your parent.
Click here: http://bit.ly/signaturepg
Part 4: Upload a current photo
Please upload a current and school appropriate photo. If you are unable to upload, please bring a copy of a picture with you to the interview.
If you are unable to upload, bring a copy of your photo to your interview.
Part 5: Select Interview Date and Time
WRITE DOWN YOU INTERVIEW DATE AND TIME. Reminder emails will not be sent to students or parents.
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