STEM Bus Curriculum Offerings 2019-2020
When you are registering, you will pick programs for the morning block, and programs for the afternoon block. (two programs will happen simultaneously)
We have both 2 hour programs, and 45 minute programs. We can do up to four 2hr programs in a day. We can do up to 8 45min programs in a day. We can also combine and do some of each.
All our programs can accommodate a MAXIMUM of 30 students.
Please look over the information on our programs below, and decide the programs you think will be the most engaging for your students. You can then email your choices to us at and we can finalize your reservation!
Sample Mixed Schedule
All our programs are aligned with Core Standards. Please let us know if you'd like to see a list of standards for any of the curriculum below. Our email is
Hands on Coding: Grades 1st-3rd, 45 minutes
This program is for grades 1-3 and is a 45 minute screen-free coding class designed to teach kids basic programming skills. Students will take turns being the 'programmer' and the 'robot' and acting their code out to test it's effectiveness.
Power Up: Introduction to Circuits: Grades 1st-3rd, 45 minutes
Power Up! is for grades 1-3 and is a 45 minute program that teaches students about electronics, light, sound, and motion with a snap together circuit kit called Power Tiles. Build cars, flashlights, alarms and more!
BeeBots: Grades k-3rd, 45 minutes
Beebots is for grades K-3 and is a 45 minute robotics program that teaches students the fundamentals of programming a robot. BeeBot will help young children learn directions, estimation, and sequencing.
Physics with Brackitz: 1st-3rd, 45 minutes
Physics with Brackitz is a 45 minute program for students grades 1st – 3rd. In this program, students will explore physics concepts like weight, motion, gravity, speed, and friction while conducting tests on cars made with Brackitz construction tools.
App Development: Grades 4th-8th, 2 hours
App development is a 2-hour program for grades 4th – 8th that gives students the chance to learn how their favorite apps are made by pulling back the polish and looking at the code inside. Throughout this program, students will build, test, and improve their own apps, creating final products they can truly be proud of.
Audio Engineering: Grades 4th-8th, 2 hours
This is a 2 hour program for grades 4-8 that shows them what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite music. We will discuss pitch, frequency, vibrations, and digital vs. analog. Students will then use a digital audio workstation and virtual instruments to make their own song
Mission to Mars: Grades 4th-8th, 2 hours
Mission to Mars is a 2 hour program for grades 4th-8th which engages students in solving some of the major challenges that face a possible Mars colony, including radiation, water, oxygen, temperature, energy, food, and debris. They'll choose a landing site and design a colony to meet all of the challenges, while still saying within cost and weight restrictions.
Probability and Game Design: Grades 4th-8th, 2 hours
Probability and Game design is for grades 4th-8th and explores probability, variance, conditional probability and more. Students learn how probability effects games, and how it can make games more challenging and engaging! Then, they'll use what they've learned to create their own board games!
Renewable Energy: Grades 4th-8th, 2 hours
This engaging program focuses on the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy, and a discussion of political, environmental and economical pros and cons of wind energy, solar energy and coal energy. Student groups are challenged to design, make and test their own wind turbine blades and generate as high a voltage as they can, as well as send letters to their local legislators.
Robotics with Sphero: Grades 3rd-8th, 2 hours
Robotics with Sphero is a 2-hour program for students in 6th – 8th grade. Throughout the program students will learn the principles of robotics while solving challenges that require the use of sensors, motors, lights and more.
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