Grafton County Broadband Committee Survey
The Grafton County Broadband Committee is surveying households and businesses to determine the feasibility of providing a backbone network through population centers through a combination of building new fiber optic cable where there are obvious gaps and optimizing existing infrastructure. The backbone would be available for municipalities to then tap into that network and run additional fiber optic cable through their municipalities. This type of survey is a critical first step in the planning process of a new broadband internet network and will be used to guide the Committee’s work in facilitating the creation of a network that better serves the region’s needs.

This survey is meant to establish a baseline of what speed and quality of internet service is available in the Grafton County region and where, and whether improved service would be desired by Grafton County residents. Understanding this information is a critical step in determining the feasibility of a fiber network in the area.

Your answers to this survey will be confidential. Your survey responses will not be used for anything other than understanding the current state of broadband service in the region.

If you have any questions about this survey or the project as a whole, please contact Carina Park at For more information about this project, visit

We recommend this survey be complete online here. However, if you would like to complete this survey in a paper form, you may do so. Completed surveys can be mailed to Carina Park, Town Administrator, 12 Gearty Way, Campton, NH 03223.
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Town: Which Grafton County Community do you live in? *
Street Address: *
Do you currently have internet access?
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If so, what type of internet service do you use? (check all that apply)
If so, do you know the current speed of your internet?
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If yes, what are the current speeds?
On a scale from 1 (not satisfied at all) to 5 (extremely satisfied), how satisfied are you with your current internet service?
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How do you use your internet?
With your current service, do you have difficulty doing any of the following activities? The difficulty could involve slow loading times or inability to load content, low quality or low resolution of content, or frequent "buffering". (check all that apply)
What qualities are most important to you from your internet provider? (please rank 1-5, 1 equals most important) *
Unlimited data
What would you like to see improved with your current service? (check all that apply)
If fiber internet that was competitively priced to your current service came to your community, how likely would you be to subscribe?
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Definitely would not
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Which of the following amounts do you think would be fair to pay for high-speed, extremely reliable fiber internet, at a speed of 100Mbs upload and download? Please select the upper limit you think would be fair to pay.
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What is the primary reason you would switch?
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Is your internet service bundled with other services?
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How much do you spend per month, including bundled services if applicable?
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Would you support a town and/or county initiative to raise taxes for improved internet service?
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How many people in your house use the internet currently, or would if you had service?
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How many devices in your home use the internet?
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Who is your electricity provider?
Are you a year-round resident?
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Do you own or rent?
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