2023 Young SheEO Academy Ambassador Interest Form
SheEO Academy®  knows that many of our program participants have started - or already had - a micro business. We want to know WHO SHE IS and try to support her journey. Please complete this INTEREST FORM to tell us what she has done and express interest in receiving support. 

If she is thinking of starting a business but has not started, please return to a camp, class or Girl Scout event and apply later when she does.

Most of our programs are academic enrichment in nature. However, this program is designed to be supportive and and goal-oriented to help bring exposure to your daughter's business. Being an ambassador will prepare her to manage her business successfully. 

Completion of this form does NOT commit you to any participation nor does it guarantee your child a space in the club. Forms will be collected until 11:59pm Sunday March 19, 2023. Applications will be reviewed weekly until this date. Ambassador applicant parents will be contacted between Monday, February 20, 2023 and March 20, 2023 to be announced publicly for WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH. 
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Young SheEO's First and Last Name *
Preferably the name used on her camp/class registration.
What is your child's current school grade level? *
What is your daughter's product or service?  *
The product/service name or a short description only.
What is the name of her company or product?
SKIP this if she has not yet created a name.
Is she actively selling this product or service currently? *
Check YES even if her sales activity is not daily or consistent.
If YES she is selling, when did she create her product or service? *
If YES she is selling, where does she sell her product? *
Check all that apply.
If she is selling online, where can we find her product? *
Check all that apply.
List the URL to her online shop or website (from the last question)
Are you comfortable with your child having publicity, being photographed and recorded on video, and appearing in advertisements or social media posts? *
This is not consent. A waiver will be signed if she becomes an Ambassador.
Has your "girlpreneur" participated in a Kids Business Fair? *
In person or online.
What accomplishment are you most proud of related to her business endeavor?  *
What would she say is her biggest wish or goal for her business (please ask her before responding)? *
What is the biggest item or area she would like help with for her business (please ask her before responding)? *
What YEAR and LOCATION did you participate in a SheEO Academy® program? *
Provide your best guess. Example: 2019 Cub Run Recenter.
THANK YOU for supporting her journey. 
Although there may be small administrative and travel costs related to specific activities, there will be NO COST to be an Ambassador at this time. There will be a minimum monthly commitment to participate in the program and receive its benefits. Parent permission, support and engagement is also required! 

This is a NEW SheEO Academy® program, so space in the first club will be limited to the girls who are most serious and available to participate. The girls pictured in this form's header were a part of the pilot program tested before the pandemic.
CONGRATULATIONS on her accomplishment! 
Check your email inbox (and possibly your SPAM folder) the week of February 13th for a response and next steps. Remember, summer camp registration is open and Girl Scout workshop registration can be found at www.sheeoacademy.com/register.
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