Parent Survey- Parent Involvement in School
Please share your experiences with school involvement to help us understand the best way to support our families.
Child 1- Grade
Child 2- Grade
Child 3- Grade
Child 4- Grade
How long have you been a Kilmer Parent?
Do you have access to the internet for school information?
Have you joined, or do you plan on joining the PTA this year?
How often do you attend school events and PTA events and meetings?
Which of the following statements best describes your feelings regarding your involvement in school events and PTA events or meetings?
What are the barriers that make it difficult for you to be involved in school and PTA events and meetings? (Check all that apply)
What could the school and PTA do to support your efforts to become more involved?
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Demographic Information (Optional)
Your Gender (optional)
Race & Ethnicity (optional)
Language Spoken at Home (optional)
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