Achieve Miami Virtual Instruction Interest Survey
Achieve Miami misses our Music, Saturday, and Summer students and families! With this survey, we want to find out what kinds of virtual programming you’re most interested in for your students in the coming months so that Achieve Miami can help your student keep learning!

Please complete the following survey as soon as you can! It should only take about 5-7 minutes and all responses you offer will be kept confidential and used only for planning purposes.

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Parents/guardians, please complete this section.
1. Student Name(s) and Grade(s) *
Example: John Jones (3rd Grade) and Devin Jones (4th Grade)
2. Family Member Name(s) (Parents/Guardians) *
3. Best phone number(s) to reach you at: *
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5. What’s the best way to get in touch with you? *
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8. Parents/guardians: How interested are you in having your student(s) participate in virtual instruction (music, art, wellness, or reading)? *
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9. Parents/guardians: How interested are you in supporting your student(s) with virtual instruction (either helping them or learning alongside them)? *
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10. Parents/guardians: The right amount of virtual lessons for my student(s) is . . . *
11. Parents/guardians: What time of day would be best for your students(s) to participate in online instruction? *
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12. Students: What kind of virtual instruction or lessons would you like to participate in? *
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13. Students: What kind of virtual instruction or lessons are you MOST interested in (choose one!) *
14. Do you currently have reliable technology (phone, tablet, or computer) that your student(s) could use to participate in online lessons with Achieve? *
15. Do you have Internet access where you stay? *
Thank you for your time today! The questions below are optional but we encourage you to answer them if you have time as your answers will help us create the best version of our program.
16. Do you have any additional ideas for our program or ways you'd like us to engage with you and your student(s)?
17. If Achieve Miami offers remote instruction, what would you and your family hope to get out of the experience?
Your response will help us better plan to meet your needs/interests
18. The most pressing thing on my mind right now is:
19. We're interested in featuring our amazing parents/guardians/families on our Achieve Instagram. If you're interested in being featured, please share a couple of sentences below about your experience with Achieve Music, Saturday, or Summer Programs.
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