Waitootara Awa Hiikoi 2019
Event Date: 23-26 April 2019
Event Location: Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi rohe
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I agree that I am participating in this Waitootara Awa Hiikoi Waananga of my own free will and agree to participate under the rules that have been provided with this registration form, and any other rules that will further be explained during the course of the Waitootara Awa Hiikoi waananga. I agree to take full responsibility for myself and will not act in a reckless manner. In the event of an emergency that may endanger my health, I agree to pay in full, all costs incurred including any costs related to an emergency evacuation. Safety is paramount and the Waitootara Awa Hiikoi Safety Coordinator will make any final decisions accordingly. I give permission to Te Kaahui o Rauru to take and use photographs or other digital recordings for use in news releases, panui and/or educational materials. These materials might include print or electronic publications, web sites or other electronic communications. I further agree that my name may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary in connection with the image(s). All material will remain the property of Te Kaahui o Rauru.
Additional Information
There is no cost to participate in the Waitootara Awa Hiikoi 2019.

The 2019 Awa Hiikoi is focused on Rangatahi therefore this is where the priority will sit. Should you wish to bring tamariki on the hiikoi or have other pahake that would like to attend from your whaanau, please contact us in the office on 06 346 5707.

Other Information:
Our team are still finalising the programme and logistics. All information will be sent to all participants via email in the coming weeks so please be patient.

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