Full Potential Resource Center Fall 2020 Survey
Thank you for taking the time to share details about your child/children's plans for this Fall.  We are committed to identifying and meeting the needs of your family and the information below will provide us with the data we need to design appropriate offerings. Should you wish to discuss any of these questions via the phone or zoom and provide this feedback, please reach out to Donna Orloff at Therapyresource@aol.com to set up a time to connect.  Thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to remaining YOUR resource center.
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What are your current plans for school, supplemental academic support and extracurricular activities for the 2020-2021 school year?
How comfortable and confident are you with your child’s education plan for this Fall? *
Very comfortable
Very uncomfortable
Please explain your answer to the previous question.
What are your top concerns about your child’s education plan? (please indicate how pressing each factor is for you) *
0-not a concern
1-minimal concern
2-mildly concerned
3-moderately concerned
4-very concerned
Hybrid in-person/online model
Lack of consistency and structure
Curriculum that does not meet my child’s needs
Space in home for child/ children to work
Lack of socialization
Child will be bored
Challenge with virtual modalities
Lack of confidence in virtual instruction
Too few hours of structured learning a day
What gaps in services, education, and support are you trying to fill for your child/children as you enter the Fall? *
What are your top criteria when selecting resources for your child? (please check up to 5) *
What could the Full Potential Resource Center offer that would help you and your family? *
What other resources or programs are you currently looking into or enrolled your child in?
What circumstances and realities should we be aware of as we work to design offerings that meet your child/children’s needs? *
If the Full Potential Resource Center creates an offering that meets the needs of your child/children, how likely are you to enroll them in this offering? *
Very likely
Very unlikely
What factors would increase your likeliness to enroll your child/children? *
Please share any additional thoughts or feedback that may help us in determining the best offerings to meet your needs.
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