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Please fill out the application below and tell me more about yourself, your company, and what you're seeking from a Mastermind Group. I want to make sure it's a great fit for you and for other members. We're capping enrollment at 30 CEOs, (co)founders, COOs, and CTOs so we can go deep, rather than just skimming the surface. (Your answers will not be shared with anyone but me.)
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Are you interested and able to attend 1-2 mastermind summits at Duke University and/or the North Carolina mountains for 1-2 days in the spring and/or fall? *
Do any of these snippets summarize you well? => (1) Genius — “I already know it all.” -- (2) Thin Skin — “I don’t like criticism. My parents told me that I’m perfect.” -- (3) King — “I expect those around me to always say 'yes' to what I think. Duh.” -- (4) Big Ole' Ego — “Humility is for the weak and frail.” -- (5) Me, Me, Me — “I think it’s a waste of time to give as a prerequisite to get. I’m too busy.” -- (6) All about the money — “I’m only in business for the dolla, dolla bills, y’all. I can support causes via charity later when I’m bathing in $100 bills.” *
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Are you ready to invest in yourself to grow your business? Here's your commitment: => (A) 2-3 hours most weeks for calls and follow ups. (B) 1 or 2 in-person, one-day Summits. (C) $10,000 per year, plus some pocket change for the travel and food if you attend the Summits. *
Please list the name and titles of 3 professional references (e.g., investors, Board members, leaders of industry associations). If I were to contact them, I'd only do so after you've passed the initial application review, and after I ask for your permission.
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