Community Letter for the Tower Theater
Hi Everyone,

We have stopped collecting individual responses for this letter. It has been published on Munro Review ( and mailed to elected officials..

Nearly 2200 individual signatures and over 130 businesses, organizations, and churches signed this letter within a week's time. Thanks to ALL of you who participated in this small gesture to protect our beloved Tower District.

To contact code enforcement:

For a list of #NoRezone assets:

We will keep this form open a little longer if you want to fill out your information and potentially be added to a supplemental digital signature collection we might eventually add to any online versions of the letter, but your name will not be printed in the Munro Review or on the letters sent to city officials. Thank you.

Additional names that didn't make the Munro posting will be posted digitally by this weekend!
Would you like to add your business/organization name to the letter? If so, can you please give your title and the name of the business/organization. If not, just give your full name. ****Please only add a business or organization name if you are an owner or have approval from your board of directors•****
How would you like to be grouped? (Tower Resident (or Tower Homeowner if you prefer), Supporter, Employee, Artist, or hyphenated)
If you are a person of faith, please include your religion:
If you are under 18, please enter your age here. (Your thoughts matter, too, but we need to keep you separate!)
Please provide one piece of contact information, just in case we need to reach out to you for any reason (We will not use this information for marketing or any other purpose than communicating about this explicit campaign)
If you have any other comments, questions, or concerns, you can leave them for us here:
Thank you for helping us take a stand against the rezoning of our beloved Tower namesake. Please share this form with your contacts if you are able.
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